Allison Wilson

Shameca Smith

Hello everyone and welcome to Twin Cities Author Event! My name is Shameca Smith and I am one of your hosts! I am an avid book reader and book signing attendee! I also run Wild & Sexy Book Blog as well as Bend Me Not Book Sleeves! Allison and I have been friends for more than 2 years and I could not imagine running this event with anyone else!

I'm Allison, author A. M. Wilson, and I'm one of the hosts for this event. I'm a Minnesota native, grew up in Duluth and relocated to the Twin Cities area when I turned 18. I now have a husband, two kids (a girl and a boy), and a dog, and we love it here. What I'd love even more is to bring my love of books and authors to the area so I don't have to fly to every signing I attend. When I’m not busy writing or being a mom, I work at a private non-profit animal shelter. Besides family, books, and animals, my other obsessions include Harry Potter marathons, buttered popcorn, and white chocolate KitKats.